Burnden Park - Key Information

We can't wait to meet all of our new swimmers at Burnden Park Fitness Academy over the next few weeks!

Here is a video to show you where to go when you arrive at ​Burnden Park Fitness Academy to find your way to the changing rooms and onto poolside.

Below, you can find the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

What should we bring to the lesson?

You just need to bring costume/trunks and a towel - we will provide any equipment that's needed for the lesson such as armbands and other floats.

For babies & toddlers under 3 years old, A two-layer nappy is required - please bring a disposable swim nappy and a reusable neoprene swim nappy. Both nappies are widely available in a range of sizes at most supermarkets - please make sure they have a snug fit. Even if your child is toilet-trained, they will still need to wear the two nappies to take part in the class.

When should we arrive?

We recommend that all swimmers arrive at Burnden Park 10 minutes before the lesson starts.

This will give you plenty of time to get ready in the changing rooms. When you're ready, make you're way onto poolside and our receptionist will sign your child in and show you where to go next.

Can Parents/guardians watch the lesson?

Parents/guardians will be able to watch the class on our benches which will be next to the pool.

We ask that only one adult attends per child as we have limited seating available.

Can we use the lockers and showers?

All swimmers must put their belongings in the lockers before they come onto poolside - this includes bags, coats and anything that they don't need on poolside. There are showers available in both changing rooms, to use before and after the lesson.

Which changing rooms do we use?

Children aged 7 years or younger will go with the parent they came with into the changing room applicable to their parent - e.g. if they come with Mum, they go in the female changing rooms and if they come with Dad they go in the male changing rooms.

Children aged 8 and older will need to use the changing rooms that's applicable to the child's sex.

There is a family changing room option - please ask a member of the team and we will show you where this is.

Is there a car park?

Parents/guardians can park on the main car park just outside of Burnden Park Fitness Academy for free.

How long will the lesson be?

All of our lessons are 30 minutes long

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