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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your lessons run for? What age do you start offering lessons? When do lessons run?

Find the answers to the most popular questions that we get asked: 

  • How long do the swimming lessons run for?
    Our lessons run for 30 minutes. This is the perfect duration for a swimming lesson, because we know that children absorb the most information and learn skills in short, but focused bursts.
  • How many children are in each class?
    We have a maximum of 9 children per class. We’re proud to be able to offer every swimmer in our programme individual attention and tailored feedback. We have very deliberately chosen to make our classes this size, as they’re small enough for the teacher to give the swimmers lots of specific guidance, but also the right size to enable group activities, games, demonstrations, competitions, and a vibrant atmosphere!
  • When are you open?
    Saturday: 12:30pm - 5pm Sunday 9am - 5pm If you have preference over which day your child comes to lessons, please let us know and we will make sure we find a class that is at a convenient time for you
  • From what age can children start swimming at Bolton Swim School?
    We offer lessons for children of all ages starting with our ‘Beginner with Parent’ classes for our baby, toddler & younger swimmers, all the way up to stage 7 classes for our more advanced swimmers. There is no ‘wrong’ age to start lessons! We warmly welcome children who are older beginners :)
  • Is there a car park?
    Parents/Carers can park on the main school car park at Canon Slade for free - less than a minutes walk to the pool.
  • What type of armbands do you use?
    We provide swim discs for all of our swimmers - these are floats on the arms that allow us to gradually remove the support - one disc at a time - so our swimmers don't go from lots of flotation support to no support straight away. These are comfortable on children’s arms, positioned conveniently to not interfere with the technique and most importantly, the safest piece of equipment to help a young child learn to swim.

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